Figlesthaler Issues Statement on Historic Impeachment Vote

As reaction to tonight’s historic House vote on impeachment, Dr. William Figlesthaler, Candidate for United States House of Representatives Florida District 19 issued the following statement in support of the President:


“Tonight, Speaker Pelosi and the rest of the House Democrats took yet another radical step in undermining the American people and our Constitutional Republic. Impeachment has been their number one priority since the day Donald Trump was elected. Democrats have utilized unfair and unjust practices in conducting this sham hearing. Meanwhile, they remain unwilling to focus on real issues facing the nation including a stifling federal debt, a dangerous and broken immigration system, an unfunded future for Social Security and Medicare recipients, a broken healthcare system, and crumbling infrastructure.


Tonight's vote highlights the sickness of liberals in Congress and the need for conservative Republicans to take back control of the House. Without bold, conservative leadership, President Trump and his America first agenda will remain under attack by the extreme left. The American people simply cannot afford another term of failed leadership in the United States House of Representatives.


Despite this unprecedented level of resistance, our President has had huge wins. Just imagine how much greater we can make America by having a functional government to support him."

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